Google 2018 Update

This year, Google released a crazy update in August, making many to shake and wander around the forums and SEO groups, but still not getting much clearer on what happened.

Some of my favorite resources you could probably take a look at:

These two posts are pretty big yet without clear answers, so also makes sense to dig in here:

Despite this all, it’s still speculation and theories. Hopefully, answers come soon to this SEO madness and we learn a way out of this for the best.

Twitter feeds rolled out on

It looks like Google has rolled out some of the twitter feed features to CO.UK in recent weeks.

twitter feeds in google serps

InfusedWoo and Cart Abandonment

At the moment of writing this, InfusedWoo supports partial cart abandonment. It works pretty good on logged in members, but the story is slightly different to new customers or so called guest checkout sessions.

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InfusedWoo is pretty great plugin but if you are looking for some behind the scenes custom fields being added to the InfusionSoft, you might need to resort to writing some code as while you can have custom fields using InfusedWoo interface - they will be made visible to the customer so not ideal.

Luckily InfusedWoo provided me with a piece of code that is easy to expand.

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Ontraport vs InfusionSoft

Which one should win? Any ideas or predictions?!

I will try to add couple articles and tips how to manage both of these beasts as indeed they can get you in ConfusionSoft state.

Due to limited time on my hands, I have decided to allow couple select gust blog posts to be published, so this might be something for you.

Topics or areas we would be looking for practical advice or breaking news in the industry:

  • affiliate marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • pay per click strategies
  • conversion optimisation
  • social marketing
  • email marketing
  • x useful resources type posts - e.g. top 10 free SEO tools for marketers.

The blog posts would need to be around 600+ words. In some cases we could allow also commentary type blog posts, e.g. about current things like Privacy directive (aka cookie law), etc.
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LipoFuze affiliate program or not?

Probably you been looking to promote the program as why you would otherwise been hitting this page, right?

Well the thing is – last time I checked for affiliate section – it was simply down / deleted / gone. How serious is that from LipoFuze, right?

Not Found
The requested URL /affiliate/contact.php was not found on this server.

Although LipoFuze is down, I might have good news for you – I could suggest you alternative product that in fact is very competitive and sells incredibly well!

It is Phen375 affiliate program.

Phen375 affiliate program

You can earn between 30% and 40% which could easily get you commissions of very nice $91 per sale.

They also offer lifetime cookies and reorders. So - one customer could turn into multiple commissions over longer period of time.

Also it has fantastic marketing resources – from banners to product pictures, to sample content and affiliate site templates.

On top of that – you will get access to dedicated affiliate manager to help you with your marketing.

Product sampel

You can sign up to affiliate program here! It’s Free!

PHP in HTML with GoDaddy

GoDaddy - the big and powerful they are, but when it comes to parsing php in html files they support team is clueless. In fact, they will keep sending to 3rd party links that has outdated information.

When you try the code samples (btw, they work with 99% of other hosting providers), they answer that they cannot help with the code further than providing these couple links. What a bunch of ….

I been with GoDaddy for long time and they been doing good job for certain projects, but this situation (which is very common), has been a total FAIL! Bob, kick some asses in the office, get your tech to do their job.

So to parse php in your html files on shared GoDaddy hosting, you have to use this code - example is as following:

Options +ExecCGI
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html
AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php .htm .html

Are you surprised? Yeah, the first line was something GoDaddy staff kept calm, they never ever mentioned this to me. Also after checking online, nobody really new the answer. Luckily till there was one quiet comment sharing the answer.

Also shame on Google, showing top results old, outdated and non working solutions. Hopefully this one will help some people in the future to get the html files to work with includes from php.

All in all - wasted about 5-7 replies to support guys with no success in about 1.5 week period. My site had lots of php extras that went down the drain in that time period.

Amen! Hopefully this is first and last tech blunder with them.

Google plays new games

It looks like in recent days Google has done some tweaks to algo and it seems that brands in certain niches have dominated (moved up) while affiliate sites moved down in ranks, in some cases couple pages. It also seems that it happened to several sites owned by same affiliates, so could be there is some changes to how Google values certain link building methods.

While I haven’t had time to fully research, it seems that it could be articles or blog comments that been lowered in value.

Either way everything indicates that one has to be using multiple link building methods to ensure stability and longevity.

This is first blog post after more than a year, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more stuff going on here.

Going against the trends – PureAcaiBerry

I’m currently working on one exciting project – affiliate program. While it has its typical task list of preparing resources, investigating market, finding affiliates, split testing the site, etc etc, there is also one different side.

This project will be different – it is different! If everyone is offering free trial – then don’t do it! It will go against the trends! In the acai marketplace people are used to free trials and so on, but this will not be the case. The product will be very honest and truthful in the offering, no sneaky trials, rebills or etc scams.

Your customers will be able to buy whatever amount the want and when they want. That alone for you should mean a lot.

I don’t know about you – but it does matter to me as affiliate of what I’m recommending to others. I want to give them the best, I want them to believe in what I recommend, I want them to be happy about their purchases they made thanks to me.

There are way too many affiliates these days trying to trick people in buying any old crap or useless product just because of commissions. Please don’t. Think with your head.

By the way, Oprah seems to sue these acai promoters who uses their name and images to promote the products. Well done to Oprah! And hopefully you’re not one of them.

Anyways, if you’re looking for good Acai product – try – 33% per sale is well above what many other products are offering! Combined with the slick site design and fantastic marketing tools, you and your customers will be the winners in the end!

Good luck!