I got a proof that Yanik Silver really is a little girl in his real life. Being paparaci I got couple of interesting pictures from back-stages so finally Yanik Silver is uncovered, I’d say - almost naked but this time it is more like haired!!! Ok, here we go with couple of pictures from Yanik’s life.

Picture #1 - Yanik in the kitchen making friends

(everyone lowes blonde guys)

Yanik Silver in kitchen with friends

Picture #2 - Yanik with friend with nice smiles and yellow hair.

Yanik Silver with friends

Please, pay attention to the colours of Yanik hair and accessories he is wearing. Really impresing stuff.

Picture #3 - Yanik at the seminar:

Yanik Silver in seminar

As again we all can see, Yanik is quite solid when it comes to fassion - he is allways to the tune of biz colors and good shape! So googogogogo Yanik!

The Last Thing Yanik Ever would wanted to be uncovered to the public - his accident with Jeff Johnson after one pary.

Long story shirt, Yanik was going to one sexy party in his city’s local bar, he dressed up like gentelgirl, nice hair, nice decorations and hat (see pic).

Yanik Silver in discoteque!

and after having a drink or two he met Jeff Johnson.

Yanik was really monster and in really bad mood so he basically started to shout, pull his hair and throw all kind of objects from his pockets including his left boot and earrings (yes, you maybe didn’t notice but Yanik wears nice 1900’s style earings with teddy bear pictures).

And this upset the JEFFFFFF!!! Jeff become big like Hulk and simply was so upset and mad that he started to beat Yanik… he kicked his butt, pulled him by his hair around the garden and finally won him!!!

You might wonder - how does it looked like at the end, well, see your self:

Yanik Silver - beat by Jeff Johnson

Now you believe that you shouldn’t play with Jeff Johnson!!!

Ah, for those who are more curious, here is the audio as well..

Audo of Yanik Silver (1.2mb of true Wav sound, uncensored).

P.s. this is all about beating Yanik vs Jeff; if u wana help Jeff then sign up for the Yaniks seminar here:

Underground Seminar and meet Jeff and Yanik in live

Hugs and best wishes!