I love Google

Why? Simply they complex things simple and easy to use.

They also gets my admiration when it comes to ideology about quality of their index and rankings. It really gives these who try hard get to these top 10 hard earned spots with top class content.

Recent Google PPC landing page chaos made me wonder – why they are turning down the biz and the advertisers. But hey – they are just improving quality. So simple.

Today I also get email from an guru about unhappy guy who got kicked by Google Quality Score (QS). Here’s an excerpt:


“I’ve confirmed that the quality review of your site was correct, and that your current landing page quality is very poor. Sites that don’t include useful content, products, and/or services for internet users are often difficult to advertise efficiently and effectively.Based on user feedback, we’ve found that low quality sites lead to a poor user experience, and unhappy users are less likely to click on AdWords ads. Also, advertisers with quality sites see higher advertising costs when they are forced to compete with ads for poor quality sites. AdWords provides the best results when both users and advertisers have a positive advertising experience.”

All I can say – I agree and as SEO animal I can just admit – this is the way to go. Good quality things are to stay – quick bucks’ sites and campaigns. They just create unneeded problems where we could avoid without them.

VEO is the way to go. For these who are not familiar visit www.veoreport.com