Practical Experiment

Due the Google and it’s supplemental results we decided to try experiment and turn our face towards Yahoo!  In past few months Yahoo was performing the same as Google, sending about 20-30, maybe maximum 50 visitors a day but now things have somehow improved without much activities on the website. What happened is that Yahoo gives like 4x more visitors than it used and now it hits up to 200+ visits per day. Not bad for a 1300 page site, huh!

Of course, the good days like these are not for ever and again some days gets as low as 100 visitors a day. Which is still quite ok but compared to MSN, it’s just 50% that the little engine MSN gives to this particular site. This all leads to thinking that Yahoo should give us twice more than MSN, if not 3-4x more than MSN doing now so we set goal of hitting the 500 visitors a day as minimum and 1000 as maximum for this experiment.

Its not a secret Yahoo likes blogs. Huh? News for you – well, it shouldn’t be. So we started a blog today – 12th of September. Plan is simple, set up a blog like this one – standard WordPress engine and blog few posts every day. Currently we set goal of 3 posts per day. Main aim with this is trigger Yahoo (and probably also big G and small MSN) to pay more attention to content and consider it fresh and updated as well – build solid inbound linking structure.


Will see what results this will gain in next 2 weeks. Will there be some improvement from Yahoo, MSN or Google.

p.s. for the last 2 months we’re at about 39 non-supplemented pages out of total 1300 pages. Time will show.