Google is slow

Not sure why and how this comes but it seems to me Google is very slow.

If it takes like a week to update PR5 blog site where all the fresh content is on the front page then I wonder what they are up to. Actually the same applies to one my experiments.

As you might remember there was a good site that has similar meta tags and now we’re trying to change them. To my surprise first update happened in few days but now it’s been quite a while and no big deal about this from side of Google.

In comparision to MSN, it has updated all the pages (metas) already and seems quite happy with that. So let’s give Google few more days - if i remember it right then it took about 2 weeks in old times to update a page (and deep crawl them). Will see if this will be the case. Stay tuned. We will know the results.

p.s. the other experiement so far seems uncertain (kind of MSN seems droped page in terms of traffic however, I’ve heard its because of different¬†refferal codes¬†they are passing now. Will see.