Message from Kirt

… and how I decided to go to MegaMasterClass 2006 seminar.

Basically this was an unexpected and very fast seminar - literally less than 2 weeks to book flights, sort hotel, arange couple days off regular tasks… the exact email I get from Kirt is below!

RE: Sandis, weekend with me in London?

Dear Sandis,

I’ve got some breaking news, and a very important invitation for you today…

I’m going to be presenting at an incredible live event in London, UK next week and wanted you to join me…

The price is, frankly, next to nothing — 99 pounds — only $189.

No time to explain right now, but watch for a more in-depth email from my desk tomorrow. 

Here’s what you need to do today, before you turn off the computer:

1) Go to: and register.

2) Drop me a line at webmaster…. informing me that you’ll be there.

During the event, I’ll be having either a two-hour private lunch or suppoer and would like you to join me…

I’ll be giving away thousands of dollars of products at this little get-together, and it will limited to the first 10.

Until tomorrow…


Kirt Christensen

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