MegaMasterClass 2006

Last weekend, to be exact October 5-7 - I was attending MegaMasterClass (MMC) seminar.

This was my first seminar and I have to say I was worried a lot when I saw just 99 pound price.

But have to be honest, it was really good, especially if you were prety new to all these things then it was really an exciting seminar.

Also a bit grown up guys like I had some nice sessions there, especially by Stephen, Kirt and Sean covering from marketing strategies to PPC and interesting product / copywriting techniques using interviews.

Well, if not to count hotel and travel expenses that was about 10x bigger than the cost of seminar, it was really great first seminar.

Interesting thing I discovered is that:
- its much easier to learn at seminar
- its much easier to talk in person to these gurys
- its very likelly you will get the best deals ever there with 30, 50, maybe even 70% discount than going straigh to their websites.

Final decision: I plan to go to another seminar in 2007, probably something to search engines related. But this one was really good!

Thanks Alan!