My First 25

2nd November… Bam! I’m again one year older! Now I count of total 25 years on this planet on my own feet.

What to say… crazy… time goes so fast when you live on internet… don’t you agree? You have 101 idea and projects and opportunities to turn around but then you suddenly realize… bam… another year has been spent…

If I look back, then this year was year of changes for me, I changed the way I live and work, I changed my beliefs and accomplished many good things, on the other hand I still have pretty long list with incomplete tasks.

Anyway, taking it all together, next year (the 26th one) seems to be very promising. Adding little changes here and there could result in awesome results for the future.

Sometimes again I have to ask the question – why, what for, and similar rhetoric questions about this life. But I think – answer is pretty simple – feel good, enjoy life and do no evil (huh, how Googlish).

I suppose – I just have to DO IT!