Lateko Lizings

Lateko Lizings is one of most popular leasing companies in Latvia and I prefer them over other companies because of easy terms although some things had changed over time.

However, I had a question for them and was looking on the Google for their website. This is what I found. Take closer look at TITLE value. Amazing, isn’t it!

Lateko Lizings search results 
Dummies! Real Internet Dummies! Okay, not them, but their web designing company. How the hell they can accept work from people who can’t make even proper title for the page.

This all leads to assumption – Latvia is still bunch of newbie’s in terms of internet, internet usability and SEO.

Good to know that – I’m still the best!

Update: after about a month, its still the same. I wonder what could be the reason. Didn’t they get my email? Didn’t they get what I said about them and their company? They didn’t take any action. Even didn’t replied to me. Heck! And I’m their client, and they were kind enough to notify me about the fact there is 1.2 Ls (~2.5$) debt left due the fact I was guessing the payment amounth as I’ve lost the payment plan and the last payment was a bit bigger.

Anyways, I have couple more Latvian companies and organizations on my radar. And I feel I gona be bad guy. LOL.

This attitude in Latvia is way to go!