This is what I have sent to Danny Wall regarding his new Google algo change:

Where did you get this info, Danny?

It reminds me VEO Report a lot.

Also, how does google will acomplish this? How they will be able to track
100% of the visitors and links especially when the Microsoft is starting a
solid fight in search market. Check out the IE7, its tied in the
search engine and probably will win huge number of visitors.

Also not everyone is going to have google Toolbar, not at last active
despite all the ‘installs’ offering them - be it Adobe or free FTP download.

So its pretty unrealistic.



And here is Danny’s reply, but I still hope he is not right. 


I get my information from several sources, including from folks within Google itself.

As for tracking people … spyware mostly.  First there is the Google toolbar, then, if you check out their patent filing from two years ago, you’ll see that they are bassically saying that they’re going to be putting a tracking cookie on people’s machines to track what they do if they don’t have the toolbar.  I, and for that matter several others, have written fairly extensively about6 the google patent and what it all means.  If you go to my bio on SEO Chat, you can read an article I wrote about the filing “What the google patent iling means to you” was the title if I remember correctly.

I’m fairly convinced that it is all this extra data that they’ve begun to compile that is largely responsible for the server space problem I spoke about.

And even assuming I’m completely wrong about the tracking of links, that doesn’t change the fact that focusing on getting links that will be USED will be better for your business anyway while still getting you the backlink to assist with your google rankings.


My opinion:

Well, yes, Yahoo is tracking somewhat quality of serp results but I still doubt that google will go much further than that. I believe one of the steps could be is having also redirects in serp pages to measure CTR. And maybe, maybe, thaks to toolbar they could count the time spent on the page before returning to next SE result.

 Will see. It’s currently enough with supplemental index. Some more troubles is not what I’d like to see.