Unique pages

One of ideas on how to organize your site is to have big % of your content unique VS menu/template.

E.g. you have a menu with 30 links, and a little 50 word disclaimer at the bottom. Imagine that it’s repeated on all your pages, it’s a massive repeated content.

So page with 30-50 unique words, like, single FAQ question won’t cut it as the links on the menu and the disclaimer will make majority of the content and it will be duplicate if you plan to have say 10 similar mini FAQ pages with one small question on it.

You won’t get banned of course, but pages could be poorly indexed or added to supplemental index. And supplemental index is something I really don’t like. It’s something between being found and indexed by Google but at the same time it’s a sign that your pages are bad! Google doest likes them.

That’s why you should aim to have long enough articles on every page, especially if the menu is heavy. Try to come up with various creative elements, like, adding images with 1-2 sentence descriptions, insert mini adds or side notes from the author, maybe put an ad in the middle to advertise some of your internal pages. Use definitions, bullet lists. Make your pages look good and be useful.

My personal preference is A4 – 2 x A4 pages per page if menu and code is heavy. But making it easier for you, it should be anywhere from 60% to 75% of unique part of your page.

Quick reminder: Title and Description tags! They are important!