Usability at Latvian E-Shop

This late evening, I was just randomly surfing the World Wide Web. I even felt lonely because sitting at this info channel I felt I’m lost. I don’t have place or information that I wanted to find. Nothing! Total craziness, no interest in any of subjects at all.

However, doing this random surfing, I found some e-shop and decided to take a look what goodies they have and my attention was grabbed by this usability thing.

bad stuff is here

They have a picture of special deal but you cannot click on the picture! What a bright mind has worked at this website. Amazing. Let me add that internet in Latvia was in far 1997 and probably even in 1996 so anyway, its 10 years around now! But there still are webmasters, web designers, ecommerce stores who are 100% dummies. Holy cow, come home! Where are your brains, dear Latvians?!

shops logo

Okay, okay, it’s X-mass coming and I won’t to make too many bad notes about them. Let’s hope, in 2007 some people will have their minds open and will learn at last basic things.
Be savvy!