AdSense Latvia

I was looking around our local domain name registration service, and out of curiosity typed in AdSense. To my surprise this domain is taken by SIA “Ad Sense” which translates as Ad Sense LTD.

Is it a step from Google into the Latvian markets or is it another student trying to get hands on some solid brand name?

I sent an email to the lady who has hers contact information there. Will see what she replies in next couple days.

Anyways, AdSense.LV – looks interesting to me. I know Google has hired somebody for Latvian marketing projects, but is one of their projects?

I have to say we already have two systems of contextual advertising (these of course are very simple systems, but yes, they exist and couple big companies had jumped on their offers like local yellow pages).

If Google want to enter Latvian market of PPC and AdSense they should use very low bids as low as 1 cent per click and work from there.

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