Hard to understand, but seems Keith Wellman is into spamming me to death.

I couldn’t beleieve, its even crazier than Stephen Pierce!

Here’s the proof:

Keith Wellman's spam


Here’s his message:

Hey Sandis,

Today I release a very powerful report with
Eric Rockefeller that explains something very

You’ll see a lot of emails about this report
and for good reason.  The people who read it
understand how powerful it really is.

A system to use to almost guarantee success…

And if you tell your friends about it you’ll
make 50 cents when they download it…free.

Tell your favorite guru and when they mail
out and sign people up…you’ll make another
50 cents :)

… url …
I’ll be pretty busy today so I’ll keep this
email short.  Besides, you’ll want to grab
the report now before Eric and I take it

… url …

To Your Success,
Keith Wellman
It’s not funny, Keith!!!