Quick update

I haven’t posted in this English blog for a while as there are many activities happening locally in Latvian language. Funny fact is, it took 9 years till something started to happen. WOW.

Anyway, this month so far and maybe beyound: 

In the begining of this month (May), the PageRank update did happen.

On the 1st of May, the Latvian version of the blog had a design reboot, and now looks very very green… just like this spring…

Latvian blogosphere seems to be pretty active (for Latvia, of course), and many interesting things and posts do appear. I’d like to note that majority of Latvian blogs are non-comercial, which is reason for pretty low quality content in general. Maybe 5-10 blogs could be considered as good ones.

Another important event is changing the regulations of issuing insurance policies over internet. With growth of technologies, there grow also need for more comfortable way to purchase insurance online. Finally, this had happen and government allowed to start insuring electronically over the internet. I foresee that this market gona boom pretty soon with need of IT/Marketing professionals, designing online strategies, affiliate programms, SEO campaings and much more!

Thats it so far. Keep blogging!