cut the crapI usually never critize but this time I cannot shut up and not to talk about this. The Keyword X Ray project.

I hear some details of how it works and what I can clearly see is huge database of your valuable keyword/conversion data. So called money list with exact details that generally speaking I’d store this information on flash drive and kept it unconnected most of the time.

But hey, this XRay guy is really smart one - he creates a cool product for 1-1.5k, sells it, gets people go crazy and then as good boy comes up with 20-30$/mo solution. Come on, every user who gona use it will be pushing in data and guess what. There is huge risk of somebody else not only you accessing them.

Imagine that there are 50 persons selling decent things, say, wedding favors, and then suddenly the XRAY guys sees that from 5000 keywords there are 367 making big money and not just for one, but for 30 of these persons.

See, now he seaes complete marketplace from Google, Yahoo, and MSN PPC engines plus 3 networks. This is even better than Google or Yahoo sees seperatly, now there are all 3 engines together!!!

This information is worth literally endless millions!

So the XRAY guy could use this info for his campaigns, literally, setting up a ‘keyword LLC’ run by some PPC managers, setting up campaigns and doing all the stuff just from the information he got from the list.

I might be crazy but when a private sector enters such sensitive data market, I’d be scared in my pants to give somebody my PPC data of how I made 100 - 150k from PPC.

Here’s the original message… don’t be stupid… don’t buy on this… don’t upload data…


Now, on to what I’m sure you really want to talk

Yes, it’s true that XRAY sold out in a few hours back in March
at $1000 to $1500 a head.

However, when I crack the doors open tomorrow I’m going to use a
different pricing strategy.

First, you need to understand something about KeywordXRAY.

KeywordXRAY isn’t some cheep script or program that you’ll need
to download and install on a server that you might or might not

It’s all hosted on my dedicated servers.  You won’t need to
learn how to manage databases or servers or computer systems or
any other technical stuff.

I made it easy for you to sign up, easy to learn the process,
easy to get going, easy to track your results and easy to see if
this is right for you.

Here’s what I mean.

There will be a set-up fee of $199.  This is a one time fee. 
This basically covers my cost for setting everything up for you.
I really don’t make anything off of this.

There is also a monthly fee. 

We’re going run everything for you from my dedicated high-speed
servers and I’ll provide your technical support and you’ll have
virtually unlimited bandwidth usage.

All the “experts” have told me that I should charge you $300 a
month or at least $199 a month…the same as the set-up fee.

After all, XRAY will let affiliate marketers see all the
keywords that covert on other people’s websites while using all
of our IT resources in the process.

I used a similar program to build a massive affiliate business
that I was able to sell for 7 figures!  This same program is
what I turned into XRAY….it’s that powerful!

This is the same program the RJ paid a lot of money to have the
exclusive right to use way before anyone even heard of XRAY. 
This is the same program that all of the big super gurus
promoted when it launched back in March.

Why did these guys do so much for this program and why did RJ
pay a good chunk of cash to have the exclusive rights to XRAY? 
Because it ROCKS.   There is nothing like it!

So, the $199 a month fee can be justified and I thought long and
hard about making $199 the monthly fee like everyone told me to.

However, I’m approaching this a little different than what
happens in most of these launches.

Stay with me here….

I was once an average affiliate and like my friend
“The $100,000 Man” said yesterday, he would have killed to have
a tool like this when he first started as an affiliate.

Heck, I lost money for the first 3 months I was an affiliate
until I figured out that I needed something like XRAY….that’s
why I built it!

Is it worth $199 a month?  Heck yea! 

It’s worth a lot more than that; however, how large is my pool
of potential customers at $200 or $300 a month?

I can tell you that it’s a lot smaller than at $30 or $40 a

What kind of business would you rather own:
a. 100 customers paying you $300 a month ($30,000 a month)
b. 1000 customers paying you $30 a month ($30,000 a month)

The answer is easy right?  “B” is the correct answer.

“B” also fits into my business plans a lot more so I’m going to
go against what my friends and the experts say and go with the
$30-$40 a month.

How’s that sound? 

So, I’ll let you in at $30-$40 a month but don’t expect this
pricing strategy to be out there long as the waiting list for
KeywordXRAY is pushing 50,000 people.

So, if you want in on the deal of all deals you’ll need to act

Like I said, it will be easy for you to get going and I stand
behind anything that I offer with my now famous:
“No Questions Asked, 30-Day, No Hassle, Rock Solid, 100% Money
Back Guarantee”

Think about it….You have absolutely nothing to lose!

OK, I’m off to put the kiddos in bed…talk to you in the morning.


XRAY is coming!!!!!

~ Wesley Wayne
. . . . . .


Well… PRIVACY is my concern, privacy and business data and know-how!

Think 100 times before uploading your data there!

- - -

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