Google PageRank Update

That’s right, around 27th October, by GMT time, seems Google ruled out the PageRank update. We were waiting for one since 1st May 2007, but it took twice as long as expected.

The update didn’t come alone, it come with an interesting changes.

Seems many sites have been affected by this “report paid links”, feature or by some other means.

Some speculations are: blogs and sites runing paid links or links that seemed as paid links were affected. This - seemed - could do something with site wide and or not completelly relevan blogs linking to sites that are not approriate for the same niche. Another suspec is that redirects have changed how they pass the PR value and been counted. Also could do something with supplemental index, and maybe ignoring portion of pages, this way minimizing the actual PageRank.

The good thing is- seems it didn’t affected rankings yet, so it’s quite interesting thing.