The year 2008 has started very well, especially with recent developments in the internet user tracking field. This said – there are two good newcomers:

StomperNet has released Scrutinizeran eye tracking simulator program.
ClickTale – an online mouse and click tracking tool that records visitor activities as videos.


StomperNet guys released just at holidays their Scrutinizer – a simulator you can use on your site to see how surfers see your page. This can really help you understand how visitors see elements on your page – be it menu, item or text. Definitely it is useful and interesting tool to have in your arsenal.

While I wont consider this tool as the best one, the other information the StomperNet guys gives is priceless. Used in conjunction with this tool you are in win position. Grab your copy here:

Now onto even ClickTale – ClickTale is amazing tool, that not only lets you track your visitor behavior but it actually records it and you can reply it as video. Exactly – you can record every mouse movement, every click and scroll of your visitor. You can even record their navigation between different pages. How cool is that?

Imagine what you can discover once you viewed 5-10 sessions that resulted with sale! That’s right – you will see exactly what and how they did it. This means – you can improve and borrow this information and make sure all other visitors are following these steps.

It’s hard to explain – but if you can see what they did and why, then you can easily manipulate that into actions you want them to do. E.g. if you find they are clicking on image thumbnail next to “order now” text link, but the image is not clickable – it’s a straight signal to make it clickable as well. Results? More clicks to your order pages!

There could be many many many more examples, but in order to not to run out of space, just visit their site and see for your self:



Using these both tools together you can achieve amazing insights into your visitor behavior and tune the weak points into strengths, boost your leads, opt-ins and sales to a why new level.

Good luck and happy new year 2008!

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