I was looking around the internet and what I see even after a decade of internet being used by masses, there are still plenty of BAD websites. That’s right – they simply don’t work.

Don’t work? How’s that possible?

Well, I don’t know how this happened to you, but can you honestly say that the website you spent $3000 or more is now bringing you huge amounts of traffic, leads and sales?

Probably not…

See, these websites don’t bring free traffic from search engines; they don’t convert visitors into subscribers and customers. They don’t engage with your visitors, they don’t follow up with them, don’t communicate and interact in a way that would build your online brand and increase sales.

Why does this happen?

See, many web design companies hire wrong people for the wrong job. Knowing just web design doesn’t guarantee that they will design you a site that makes profits.

Knowing how to program a proper HTML code based on the latest standards doesn’t guarantee you will get free traffic from search engines.

You need a team that can help you to achieve all your goals: traffic, leads and sales!

There are many out there that claim to be the ones, but unfortunately there are very few good ones. If I have to give an example say in London, it probably would be a company called Datadial.

Why them? The reason is that they offer complete list web development services. They not only will build you a website, but help with writing a copy that converts visitors into loyal readers and newsletter subscribers. Develop the content and design the site in a way that attracts free search engine traffic and much more than that.

What – your current web design company doesn’t know how to build a subscriber list or get free search engine traffic!?

Then run away! Run!

Because their lack of skills is holding your business back…

Simply put, if your current website needs a fresh web design while having in mind best copywriting and search engine optimization practices and other online marketing then you might want to get in touch with this company:

Datadial websiteContact details

8 Glenthorne Mews
115a Glenthorne Road
London W6 0LJ
Tel. +44 (0) 870 7815 363

See, if they can help

Alternatively, you can contact me for more pointers towards relevant companies that could do the web job as it should be done.

Good luck.