Time management video from Eben Pegan

Today in my email I got a message from Eben Pegan that he has released a free video on personal time management for online marketers.

After watching it I just as many others, I had made lots of notes that I will try to implement myself in my daily routine and see if I can get more out of my efforts.

One of takeaways was the great reminder of how multi-tasking is wrong. I’ve been aware about this, as I prefer to do one thing at a time, then this was real self assurance that I was thinking right.

I agree, I am able to do multiple things at the same time, but often these tasks are sort of low importance or meaning business wise. In order to do something important that will give solid leveragability, one needs to put 100% focus for couple hours if not more.

Eben also mentions other factors like distractions, frictions and interesting term – Monkey Mind and gives useful tips how to cope with this. Basically, for every 8-10 minutes, he covers new causes and gives new answers how to manage your time and your processes in a way that let’s you get where you want.

Probably the best takeaway for me was the way he laid out where we - as online marketers - should put our focus and time to:

- Customer pillar – getting traffic / leads / building business relationships and so on (40% of time should go there)
- Conversion pillar – work on conversions (20%)
- Content pillar – creating products, services, information, newsletters and so on (10%)
- Management pillars – which applies (30%)
d. Time (again, planning etc)
e. People (e.g. outsourcing or managing team members, etc)
f. Business (accounting, legal side of things, etc)

Anyways, I just scratched a bit of surface – I recommend you to listen to this video yourself and make notes.

Good luck.