As a marketer, I’m always looking for new ways to automate or to improve my tasks and this is where a good tool comes in handy.

Lately myself I’ve been into testing various keyword tools. Ok, not really testing but using them to do my market research and some predictions.

One of my favorite tools now is Google Keyword Suggestion Tool as they recently released also the search count accompanied with GEO and Language targeting. Myself being multinational marketer and English being my 3rd language this is now an incredible asset. It is easy now to tap into other language keyword markets with a fair amount of accuracy. Keep in mind, foreign markets often are 5 or more times LESS competitive.

The bad thing about Google keywords is that they don’t return you all possible combinations, only the top ones. Also it doesn’t display decent range of censured keywords. But anyways, overly it gives you great insight in to main keywords, advertiser saturation, average CPC you could of expect, etc.

On the other hand - I think this is an excellent move from Google and they have already crashed the ages old Yahoo/Overture tool. Funny, but I haven’t bothered to use that tool for at least last 4-6 months.

Google Trends is another tool I love to use in in mixture with GKST. While Google search count can make you think one thing, Google trends will show you what can you expect in the future or what have past shown. Here are some examples:

Weight loss

Weight Loss Search Trends
Halloween Search Trends

If you would like to look into more tools, then on you can find quite huge list of free on paid keyword tools.

Btw, I’ve personally been following the for quite a bit of time but it seems that they have run out of energy to deliver new content and reviews, however, they still have one of the most comprehensive lists on internet marketing tools and their reviews.

Continuing on speaking around keyword tools, I want to mention Keyword Elite which is another favorite of mine. Not only because it is desktop one and operates with multiple tools altogether, but also as it has given me very great range of results so far. I always manage to get huge keyword lists with very human friendly keyword phrases that often can be used to create awesome articles or FAQ pages.

As with any tool, this tool lack some features, like keyword count or often it can run into unrelated keywords if you let it go too wild.

But overly, these are two top tools I’m happy to use now for keyword research. If you have good experience with others, you’re welcome to leave your comments. Thanks.

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