InfusedWoo and Cart Abandonment

At the moment of writing this, InfusedWoo supports partial cart abandonment. It works pretty good on logged in members, but the story is slightly different to new customers or so called guest checkout sessions.

As it turns out, there wont be a trigger executed unless customer doesn’t submits the form.

As I understood it works quite simple - e.g. if user is missing details, or card gets declined, then the user is added to abandonment program.

This is all nice and fine but there is one problem - this is not really a cart abandonment situation, but more like a checkout error.

The real cart abandonment should capture the moment there is a valid email in the email field and visitor exits that field. At this stage one should capture the cart contents and also the email so we now can follow up and convert them into customer.

There could be a reason for this aka based on user actually submitting data but that isn’t the most effective way for recovering orders. Also most popular tools for recovering cart works on email field triggers as these are classified as transactional emails.

Room for improvement I think.