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Time management video from Eben Pegan

Today in my email I got a message from Eben Pegan that he has released a free video on personal time management for online marketers.
After watching it I just as many others, I had made lots of notes that I will try to implement myself in my daily routine and see if I can get […]

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New version of this blog

Thats right, finally! Finally I launched the Latvian version of this blog. I will be trying to address Latvia related issues in there. My targets are big local companies who are small like kids when it comes to internet, usability, online marketing and SEO!
Blog is located here: http://www.sandisviksna.com/lv/

New forum

Interesting new forum has been launched, will see how it develops in future http://www.i-bizness.info
 Thats it folks for today. All is good, the 2007 has come and if not to look on 5-25% increase on public transport, and tabaco, then we can asume this gona be a happy year!

I claim - this is my blog

This is Technorati thingie and I’m claiming this is my blog.
Technorati Profile
Oh, Technorati, release the blog search spiders!
Result - it’s claimed! Now I have my blog live in Technorati!

My First 25

2nd November… Bam! I’m again one year older! Now I count of total 25 years on this planet on my own feet.
What to say… crazy… time goes so fast when you live on internet… don’t you agree? You have 101 idea and projects and opportunities to turn around but then you suddenly realize… bam… another […]

Mom & PC

Today my mom again is learning how to use MS Word. It’s sometimes so funny to see how peolpe start at computers. She usualy played some cards but that was all what she did on copmputer but now learning writing in word, excel and sending emails is a little bit of challange.
So I wish her good […]


We’ve seen lot of interesting things going on the internet.
One of them is the YouTube and Google merging which seems very powerful thing. Basically it seems like they going to dominate and extend their search bases both on youtube as well as in google video section.

Result Pages?

Today to my surprise I did some strange searches and scrolled down to bottom. Wow… that was all I could say. See this screenshot:

Google is now showing (explaining)  that these are Result Pages! Amazing!
I’m not sure when this pop-up but one thing is clear, it’s new for me. Let’s keep an eye and see how […]

My first backlink

Today to my surprise I noticed I got an extra backlink. That one I didn’t even expect. It seems to be an auto generated one. Basically that blog have taken part of my post and put with two links back to me.
What it proves? It proves that BlackHat and all other dirty auto techniques still […]