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WP love

Today again I played a little bit with the wordpress templates and I have to admit its quite easy and interesting stuff.
Basically, with all these extra plugins, WP could become one of most famoust bloggin platforms. There are few problems that its more like a blog but adding certain customization options one could build from […]

AOL goes nuts?!

In this url - aol-crazy-stuff you can read about AOL data release.
I don’t know what they were thinking to but this is awesome post that is like forecast for heads to be cut! :)
But what if it is conspirancy! Imagine how some companies would be happy to get rid of AOL and some could come into […]

El goes online

Ta-raa, finally she decided to go online, so let’s celebrate that and wish her luck in this new journey!
psst… the rest is secret…

Chitika? End of adsense?

Does AdSense days slowly going towards end of time?
As new and new contextual advertising programs comes into play, will the AdSense ever be the same - of course, as well adsense payes bigest $ it will remain high but if things changes? Well, then you never know what and how could happen;
Now I got Chitika […]

One life

Yes, true, in this world we have only one life the way we are now - and we spend it as everyone does or we can spend it much better way. It’s all up to you.
But really, if we step aside problems we face daily and look on bigger scale, then we are worth nothing […]

Ripped Off by 140 Gigs?

Well, this is how my PC supplier does.
I got this 300 Gig HDD to come and I discover I got only 160 GIG?!?!? WTF?!!?
To my *wonder* their excuse were that they messed up it a bit ;) looool ;) my hdd and they messed up - no way ;)
but now I got nice 19″ LCD […]

INTEL Pentium IV 3.6 GHz + LCD 19”

Yes, baby, thats it - it’s should be delivered by tomorrows evening!!!
Nice processor: Intel 560J P4 LGA775 3.6 Ghz/800FSB/1MB/0.09u
Nice memory: 2 GB DDR400 (2048 MB)
Nice HDD: 300GB DMA133 7200RPM 16M
 hehe ;))
and nice 19″ LCD monitor -  VS VA902 19″ SILVER/270CD/550:1/8MS

My New Wheels

Woohoo, I’m now on the new wheels… nice sexy, black, fast, 21 speed, all shimano extras, cool speed changer by shimano; looks nice ;)
Just drived about 1 km and I felt like… wow… i’m not in my best form; hopelly i will change that during this summer;
So I recommend to anybody to go out and […]

My New England Shirt

Probably everyone is in the knows of world football championship coming this summer so I got this sexy shirt to finally feel some connection with football.
Making long story short: while I was in UK, i had like 10 times offered to play football with my co-mates but I refused due my personal reasons, however, it […]

I was pimpin around the computer and it turned out wordpress is a great tool when it comes to doing works with images.
By that I mean simply you can create very well organized image pages and each image can have it’s own alt tag and description for it’s own page. This is amazing, see my […]