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PHP in HTML with GoDaddy

GoDaddy - the big and powerful they are, but when it comes to parsing php in html files they support team is clueless. In fact, they will keep sending to 3rd party links that has outdated information.
When you try the code samples (btw, they work with 99% of other hosting providers), they answer that they […]

Why I don’t like Keyword X Ray

I usually never critize but this time I cannot shut up and not to talk about this. The Keyword X Ray project.
I hear some details of how it works and what I can clearly see is huge database of your valuable keyword/conversion data. So called money list with exact details that generally speaking I’d store […]

Usability at Latvian E-Shop

This late evening, I was just randomly surfing the World Wide Web. I even felt lonely because sitting at this info channel I felt I’m lost. I don’t have place or information that I wanted to find. Nothing! Total craziness, no interest in any of subjects at all.

Lateko Lizings

Lateko Lizings is one of most popular leasing companies in Latvia and I prefer them over other companies because of easy terms although some things had changed over time.
However, I had a question for them and was looking on the Google for their website. This is what I found. Take closer look at TITLE value. […]