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Google 2018 Update

This year, Google released a crazy update in August, making many to shake and wander around the forums and SEO groups, but still not getting much clearer on what happened.
Some of my favorite resources you could probably take a look at:
These two posts are pretty big yet without clear answers, so also makes sense to […]

Twitter feeds rolled out on Google.co.uk

It looks like Google has rolled out some of the twitter feed features to CO.UK in recent weeks.

Google plays new games

It looks like in recent days Google has done some tweaks to algo and it seems that brands in certain niches have dominated (moved up) while affiliate sites moved down in ranks, in some cases couple pages. It also seems that it happened to several sites owned by same affiliates, so could be there is […]

Google PageRank Update

That’s right, around 27th October, by GMT time, seems Google ruled out the PageRank update. We were waiting for one since 1st May 2007, but it took twice as long as expected.
The update didn’t come alone, it come with an interesting changes.
Seems many sites have been affected by this “report paid links”, feature or by […]

Unique pages

One of ideas on how to organize your site is to have big % of your content unique VS menu/template.
E.g. you have a menu with 30 links, and a little 50 word disclaimer at the bottom. Imagine that it’s repeated on all your pages, it’s a massive repeated content.
So page with 30-50 unique words, like, […]

Google is slow

Not sure why and how this comes but it seems to me Google is very slow.
If it takes like a week to update PR5 blog site where all the fresh content is on the front page then I wonder what they are up to. Actually the same applies to one my experiments.

Description tags – first progress

Five (5) days later – the first results are in! Now from 3 unique pages we have 4 unique pages. Google updated one of pages descriptions and here we go… the page is not anymore considered as similar.

The funny fact is as I already said these pages are unique between each other but same keywords […]

Practical Experiment

Due the Google and it’s supplemental results we decided to try experiment and turn our face towards Yahoo!  In past few months Yahoo was performing the same as Google, sending about 20-30, maybe maximum 50 visitors a day but now things have somehow improved without much activities on the website. What happened is that Yahoo […]

I love Google

Why? Simply they complex things simple and easy to use.
They also gets my admiration when it comes to ideology about quality of their index and rankings. It really gives these who try hard get to these top 10 hard earned spots with top class content.

Description tag

Recently I was really worried about supplemental index but then unfortunatelly i found out that some of my pages has this friendly message:
In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 3 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.