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WP for SEO

I was thinking, what one should do to gain maximum benefits from SEO as well as avoiding any penalties or kicks in the butt area from major search engines…

Yahoo! SiteExplorer hack

I really, really was shocked when Yahoo! site explorer come out. All my programmed tools falled on their faces and were broken. The only reliable source for back link information was dead.

AOL- quick update

Recently I received Axandra NewsLetter and there was mentioned also AOL’s case.
I wasn’t surprised but one of their big heads left the possition as well two others were fired.
Why did they publish that data? What they wanted to prove? God knows.
Anyway, whats done - done. Let’s hope these guys will find a spot somewhere in […]

SEO the VEO way

I was thinking another day what is seo and what is veo?
Well, basically if we look on the internet and the metrics most people are going crazy about HITS! One had 398 hits a day, another one had 5000 hits a month and growing. Thing they don’t understand that hits are just an value of […]

Multiple Languages

Hey hey hey, is anyone using multiple languages?
This is one interesting thing to do and I’ll tell you why.
Basically Google and Yahoo and MSN is quite weak to other languages in terms of validing them so basically its an oportunity for you to tap into 3-5-10 times more content for your sites.

Duplicate content

Today I had a chance to listen to one audi from ArticleUnderground and at the end of this audo Leslie from OptiLink said that there is no dupe content. I’d like to object this. There is some and Google can ban you pretty quickly of of there even we consider google has troubles with indexing […]

Sites gets indexed

Thats right, having a nice link from this blog seems like helps with indexing.
Anyway, another interesting thing is that google supplemental index and sitemaps works strange.
 Main thing is that the old pages that weren’t considered as supplemental (like categories) now are moved to supplemental and some pages that were supplemental is comming out but overal […]

Couple of adsense sites

My friend was working on couple of adsense/affiliate websites and it seems it’s not so easy to get picked up by big G and other engines these days even if there are links pointing to them from indexed domain’s homepage thats being indexed almost every day; maybe blog and ping can help, definatelly we could see […]

Finally we decided to take some action to fight supplemental index - else it’s so painful that having 1300 pages and only 70 of them work and rank as expected to it’s maximum.
Most concern seems to be haing same very old content (read: menu and navigation), so we did an experiemnt and minimized all the […]

Supplemental index

Last thing going on is being supplemental everywhere, supplements for this supplements for that, even for google index!!!
Now we have to think how to get out of this one case.
Seems supplemental index was used to stop spamers and in order to rank many pages, you need many good links since unpopular page shouldnt rank too […]