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Do you want to beat Google Slap? Do you want high CTR and low cost per click? Then reading this!

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The most amazing PPC of 2008 tool […]

Aloeride is well know product for its quality in UK and has joined MoreNiche Affiliate Program and is set to experience great results from online market place.
This is typical example when merchants and product companies are seeking for help in online market place and turns to affiliate networks like MN due their reach and wide […]

StomperNet Scrutinizer and ClickTale

The year 2008 has started very well, especially with recent developments in the internet user tracking field. This said – there are two good newcomers:
StomperNet has released Scrutinizer – an eye tracking simulator program.
ClickTale – an online mouse and click tracking tool that records visitor activities as videos.
StomperNet guys released just at holidays their Scrutinizer […]

Google PageRank Update

That’s right, around 27th October, by GMT time, seems Google ruled out the PageRank update. We were waiting for one since 1st May 2007, but it took twice as long as expected.
The update didn’t come alone, it come with an interesting changes.
Seems many sites have been affected by this “report paid links”, feature or by […]

Squidoo Lenses

Today I spent couple hours to publish these squidoo lenses. Looks good considering its 4am. Full details in the post. Continue reading, so to speak.

Forex 2007

This year, 2007 is significant with the fact that finally, after years of negative emotions toward currency trading and speculations, I’m finally starting to change my mind. I’m starting to think Forex.
Trading on Forex is really easy when you know what is going to happen. One easily can make hundreds of dollars per day with […]

Good question, isn’t it. With his approach to email marketing I feel spammed every here and there. Okay, I’m guilty at some part as well, but the fact is, I met Stephen at MegaMasterClass2006 seminar in, UK and he told us his secret. Since I’m active subscriber of his many lists, it opened my eyes.

Hey from Jeff

The 22nd of November 2006 was my lucky day! Why? Guess what - Jeff Johnson has written back to me! Amazing :) How one fun thing about Yanik Silver can get you in couple activities. Here’s the Jeffs email…

Danny gets back to me

This is what I have sent to Danny Wall regarding his new Google algo change:
Where did you get this info, Danny?
It reminds me VEO Report a lot.
Also, how does google will acomplish this? How they will be able to track
100% of the visitors and links especially when the Microsoft is starting a
solid fight in search market. Check […]

Mom & PC

Today my mom again is learning how to use MS Word. It’s sometimes so funny to see how peolpe start at computers. She usualy played some cards but that was all what she did on copmputer but now learning writing in word, excel and sending emails is a little bit of challange.
So I wish her good […]