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… and how I decided to go to MegaMasterClass 2006 seminar.
Basically this was an unexpected and very fast seminar - literally less than 2 weeks to book flights, sort hotel, arange couple days off regular tasks… the exact email I get from Kirt is below!

I got a proof that Yanik Silver really is a little girl in his real life. Being paparaci I got couple of interesting pictures from back-stages so finally Yanik Silver is uncovered, I’d say - almost naked but this time it is more like haired!!! Ok, here we go with couple of pictures from Yanik’s […]

Couple more pics from our super dog ultra man - Magnuss!

Ma Dog - Magnuss

Magnuss is our latest dog and seems he gona be one of the crazyest too. Previous dogs were sort of a *friendly* nature but this one seems to know who is who and wont let his terrytory to be abused by cats, neiborhourds or burglars! 
Here we go - this is Magnuss at his 4 month birthday!

Thats bold but true statment. So far as Latvian guy I have found this place as best *normal food* place ;) Okay, they still server 45 kinds of burgers, but the point was they server also nice good meals like roasted chicken which is perfect with bbq souce!
Price, close to 6 pounds or 10 USD. […]

KFC stuff

Well, I tried today KFC chicken, and I have to say, it wasn’t anything sort of special. The inside meat was ok, but the wraping with all the spicies, was quite of ‘jaiks’… even untasty mc donald’s chicken nuggets are better with bbq souce;
I hope I get to Latvia by the middle of the May […]