Quick update

I haven’t posted in this English blog for a while as there are many activities happening locally in Latvian language. Funny fact is, it took 9 years till something started to happen. WOW.

1st may - design changeover

1st May in the world starts to take place not only as world wide celebration of day of work, but also as the blog design reboot day. This happens not only out there in big USA, UK, but also down here in Latvia.
Our Latvian version of this blog have taken an action and is participiating […]

In Two Words

Today I did decent research around our local market or mini-market and discovered that things have been improved over the last 7 years. Sounds funny, isn’t it, it took like 7 years for things to improve.
Well, situation is still very green; despite the fact now we have people blogging, its still in its very early […]

Forex 2007

This year, 2007 is significant with the fact that finally, after years of negative emotions toward currency trading and speculations, I’m finally starting to change my mind. I’m starting to think Forex.
Trading on Forex is really easy when you know what is going to happen. One easily can make hundreds of dollars per day with […]

Keith Wellman likes spam?

Hard to understand, but seems Keith Wellman is into spamming me to death.
I couldn’t beleieve, its even crazier than Stephen Pierce!
Here’s the proof:

Here’s his message:

Good question, isn’t it. With his approach to email marketing I feel spammed every here and there. Okay, I’m guilty at some part as well, but the fact is, I met Stephen at MegaMasterClass2006 seminar in, UK and he told us his secret. Since I’m active subscriber of his many lists, it opened my eyes.

New version of this blog

Thats right, finally! Finally I launched the Latvian version of this blog. I will be trying to address Latvia related issues in there. My targets are big local companies who are small like kids when it comes to internet, usability, online marketing and SEO!
Blog is located here: http://www.sandisviksna.com/lv/

Similar to AdSense

After little research and emailing, I found that Adsense.LV is not related to Google in any way. The contact person expressed its shock about the fact that AdSense is trade mark of well known Google. Lets see how it evolves…
In their situation, I’d put up a little page on that domain refering persons to adsense […]

AdSense Latvia

I was looking around our local domain name registration service, and out of curiosity typed in AdSense. To my surprise this domain is taken by SIA “Ad Sense” which translates as Ad Sense LTD.

New forum

Interesting new forum has been launched, will see how it develops in future http://www.i-bizness.info
 Thats it folks for today. All is good, the 2007 has come and if not to look on 5-25% increase on public transport, and tabaco, then we can asume this gona be a happy year!