Usability at Latvian E-Shop

This late evening, I was just randomly surfing the World Wide Web. I even felt lonely because sitting at this info channel I felt I’m lost. I don’t have place or information that I wanted to find. Nothing! Total craziness, no interest in any of subjects at all.

Weight loss product from MoreNiche

MoreNiche again and again impresses with great products. This time it is weight loss product.
Here are couple reasons why to promote it:
Credit on return sales - continue earning more even after the initial sale
100’s of advertising banners, product images and access to clinical data
Up to $160 paid to you for every sale you refer
Free website […]

I claim - this is my blog

This is Technorati thingie and I’m claiming this is my blog.
Technorati Profile
Oh, Technorati, release the blog search spiders!
Result - it’s claimed! Now I have my blog live in Technorati!

Hey from Jeff

The 22nd of November 2006 was my lucky day! Why? Guess what - Jeff Johnson has written back to me! Amazing :) How one fun thing about Yanik Silver can get you in couple activities. Here’s the Jeffs email…

Unique pages

One of ideas on how to organize your site is to have big % of your content unique VS menu/template.
E.g. you have a menu with 30 links, and a little 50 word disclaimer at the bottom. Imagine that it’s repeated on all your pages, it’s a massive repeated content.
So page with 30-50 unique words, like, […]

LC - new product from MN

MoreNiche announces their latest product – the LC!
This will be one of that kind project with multiple close niches covered into one, this way gaining an insane advantage over competition.

Danny gets back to me

This is what I have sent to Danny Wall regarding his new Google algo change:
Where did you get this info, Danny?
It reminds me VEO Report a lot.
Also, how does google will acomplish this? How they will be able to track
100% of the visitors and links especially when the Microsoft is starting a
solid fight in search market. Check […]

Lateko Lizings

Lateko Lizings is one of most popular leasing companies in Latvia and I prefer them over other companies because of easy terms although some things had changed over time.
However, I had a question for them and was looking on the Google for their website. This is what I found. Take closer look at TITLE value. […]

Make Money Online

Ever wanted to make serious money online, stepping in markets with millions of searches every month, billion dollar turnover every year?
Wonder, how to make money from home at spare time or even full time?
Looking for assistance, marketing guides, templates, prewritten articles, affiliate forum, seo advice, ppc guides, copywriting blueprint, huge commissions and impressive conversion ratios?
Want […]

My First 25

2nd November… Bam! I’m again one year older! Now I count of total 25 years on this planet on my own feet.
What to say… crazy… time goes so fast when you live on internet… don’t you agree? You have 101 idea and projects and opportunities to turn around but then you suddenly realize… bam… another […]