Interesants raskts un diskusija par to ka guestbloggings ir ticis zem Google āmura (vai vismaz mikroskopa), un tiks krietni stipri apstrādāts attiecībā pret linku izveidi.

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3 Atbildes to “Matt Cutts saka ka viesblogeriem beigas?”

  1. 1 Ezgi

    Great advice. I’ve retlcney decided to focus on my blog more for 30 days. It’s going well. In general doing something new can start new positive habits. As for me, I’ve had a lot to overcome. I was the child victim of a cult. I wrote a book about my experience. A Train Called Forgiveness Keep sharing your motivational thoughts.

  2. 2 Domingas

    Its very uplifting, I’ll take one step at a time there are lots of tighns I want to do and upon watching this video It pushes me even more to do it. Small changes as long as sustainable

  3. 3 Kika

    Beigās pats Cuts pazuda, nevis viesblogeri :)

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